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  • To provide a forum that promotes the development of higher education with Central Asia, in particular Kazakhstan through international partnerships
  • To support the processes that lead to greater worldwide recognition of universities in Central Asia, including Kazakhstan.


Education betterment have had a significant influence on Kazakhstan since its independence. Its national policy is focused on the advancement of its higher education system to meet the demand of a present dynamic economy based on international experience. The advancement includes the push to have Kazakhstan be one of the world’s Top 30 most competitive economies by 2050, yielding the Kazakhstan nation future and expanding the country’s human capital.

Following several years of strong economic growth and educational reforms, Kazakhstan is a country with proliferating demand for study abroad and for programmes geared to its labour market dynamics. Further, one of Kazakhstan’s higher education reform objectives is the placement of several of its top universities among the best in world university rankings. While there is room of improvement for universities to be competitive in the world research ranking, they are improving exponentially and have immense potential for excellence.

Internationalisation and international cooperation are currently key priorities of Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Education and Science (MES). The government had since released its Academic Mobility Strategy in Kazakhstan 2012-2020, which includes the following goals:

  • To greatly increase its capacity both to host students from abroad and to send more of its own students, staff, and faculty overseas on mobility programmes;
  • To increase the number of Kazakh students with foreign language ability;
  • To grow the number of international cooperation agreements between Kazakh and foreign institutions;
  • To increase the number of international students studying in Kazakh universities by 20% annually through 2020.

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