Discover academic excellence through the lens of QS WORLDWIDE 2019

QS WORLDWIDE is a leading annual higher education conference that connects international educators, senior academics, administrators and government from across Central Asia and beyond.

Held in Kazakhstan, this conference themed “Journey to Global Prominence: Harmony of Human Heritage and Advanced Technology” is jointly organised by QS and the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University. The event is designed in consonance with the recent education policy intended at transforming higher education in Kazakhstan, with a focus on the role of internationalisation, particularly, involving international partner institutions; thereby contributing to quality assertion and informed decision making.

Higher education institutions are fundamental to strengthen skills needed to sustain a globally competitive research base and enhance the distribution of knowledge for societal benefits. While Kazakhstan’s higher education has thrived significantly and is progressing towards a market-driven system, like many higher education scene worldwide, it will still require the harmony of human heritage and the integration of modern technologies for the sharing and transmission of knowledge significant for the advancement of its society and economy.

Therefore, QS WORLDWIDE serves as an interactive and far-reaching platform for like-minded individual with similar desire to share their professional expertise on the advancement of higher education landscape within Central Asia. Explore our website for more information and register now!

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